Leading Better Care - Demonstrating the Impact of Your Role

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Guidance Notes


This resource has been designed for you as a Senior Charge Nurse, Senior Charge Midwife or Team Leader to be able to demonstrate the impact of your role, having been supported by Leading Better Care. It demonstrates what impacts your role has had on areas such as:

  • Your patients/clients/family and carers
  • Your team
  • Your organisation
  • Your working environment

It is not designed to replace your personal individualised eKSF, ePORTFOLIO or Personal Development Plan (PDP), it however can be used as evidence in any of these tools.

When to use the LBC Impact resource

This resource should be used primarily by SCNs, SCMs and Team Leaders who have been supported through Leading Better Care and progressed their development through the use of the NES Education and Development Framework for Senior Charge Nurses / Midwives and Team Leaders in All Areas of Practice.

Ideally you should first start using this resource after you have been supported and received education and development under the auspice of Leading Better Care and have had an opportunity to consolidate your learning and development. (For further guidance please contact your local LBC facilitator)

This resource may also be helpful for other clinical staff that are developing their leadership skills in additional ways.

How to use this resource

For each LBC domain / component please consider the impact of your role and identify how you can evidence your impact.

For each capability under the four domains / components you need to select a minimum of one outcome, for each outcome you then you then need to select a minimum of one evidence source, and for each evidence source select you need to select where that evidence is stored. This is an automatic process within the resource. Once all four stages have been completed within the capability you are evidencing this will turn green, both on the domain view and the dashboard view. This is showing that you can demonstrate the impact of your role for this particular capability.

You are not required at any time to upload any information on to the resource.

If at the time of completion you do not have the evidence to demonstrate the outcomes please complete an action plan with timescales, detailing how you may develop evidence to demonstrate the outcomes.

You need to review the tool every six months as a minimum.

You will receive an email every month (unless you opt not too) that gives you a PDF of your current impact dashboard status. We suggest you save these files in an appropriate place, as the system itself does not store any historical / retrospective data; it only holds the current status of your impact.

This PDF can also be used as evidence for other resources such as your PDP and eKSF

If you would like to keep a record of your resource, other than your dashboard, you can do so by right clicking anywhere on the page and choosing print from the drop down list. Select your PDF creator from the choice of printers and save your document in an appropriate place.

You will also receive an email after four months of reviewing each capability this is a prompt for you to demonstrate that you have two months left to review your current status, at this stage your capability turns to amber. If you do not review your status within those two months, your impact status will no longer be valid and turns back to red.

To update your capability use the link provided in the email which will direct you back to your resource, it is then a straight forward process to right click and re select your chosen evidence

Symbols / resource guide

  • C = Capability
  • O = Outcome
  • E = Evidence
  • Filing cabinet = Where evidence is stored

Where it states other evidence or other outcome, this is a free text option, for you to use if the listed evidence or outcomes does not cover your specific outcome or evidence. To activate this double click and this is then able to be changed. However at this stage may choose to look at different outcomes and or evidence.